What is Photogrammetry?

  The development of automotive technology quickly paves the way for innovations in production. SEAT, one of the companies that work hard on this subject, can make precise measurements in production by using photogrammetry in automotive. What is Photogrammetry? The origin of the word photogrammetry has entered from ancient Greek and means the possibility of drawing with the help of light. Today, it means the technique of measuring objects and the metric interpretation of image data through photographs. What is Photogrammetry in Automotive? In the automotive field, Photogrammetry is a non-contact optical measurement technology that allows us to capture millions of points of an object through photographs, marking the depth and thickness of even the smallest area," said Pedro Vallejo, Head of SEAT Measurement Technology and Meisterbock Division. Stating that they can see all of the vehicle's interior and exterior geometry lines in the images, Paco Triguero also used the s